Registration Help

At Currency Online we like to make things easy. It is for this reason when you apply online we try and verify who you are electronically via the information you provide to us. If successful there is no requirement to provide any further documentation and you will be ready to make transfers and save with Currency Online. Should we require further information we will let you know. In most cases you will be required to provide the following:

  • One proof of photo identification (current passport or drivers licence (only for NZ applicants))
  • One proof of address (copy of an utility bill or bank statement clearly stating your name and full address that is no more than 3 months old, PO Box address will not be accepted)

  • By uploading them through our Online Services platform, under "my account – upload documents".
  • By emailing them to your phone or your computer)
  • By posting them to PO Box 7646, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141, New Zealand (please note mailing will mean a delay in activating your account)
  • By Fax: +64 9 306 3701

Please ensure they are clear and legible. We can receive them in several formats, the most common types are .jpeg and .pdf formats.

If you don't already have an electronic copy of your documents on your computer then you can do one of 2 things:

  • Use a mobile phone or digital camera to take a clear photo of your documents and email them direct from your phone
  • Use a scanner to scan them into a PDF format, and save to your computer. Most home printers can also act as a scanner, check your manual for further assistance

All phones are different however in most cases it is as simple as opening the picture and selecting send. This should present you with multiple options including email (ref. iPhone example). We can received a .pxt file by arrangement.

If you are using a personal digital camera it will require you to take the photo and then upload it to your computer and either email to us or upload them to our online platform.

Uploading your documents is very simple and the fastest way to get your account activated. Simply login to your Currency Online account, go to my account and then to upload documents. From here all you need to do is browse to where you have the files saved on your computer, attach them and click upload.

Do it online and save... Register now!